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Nests with cream cheese and turkey sausages

Nests with cream cheese and turkey sausages

This recipe was a momentary inspiration due to the fact that I wanted to make something else, it always happens to me :)) and as I wanted something good, fast and new,. HERE is this wonderful recipe.

  • a package of puff pastry
  • 3 large turkey sausages (OscarMayer)
  • 130 grated cheese
  • 70 gr cream cheese of any type
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons sweet Greek yogurt
  • salt to taste
  • half a teaspoon of basil
  • Assorted freshly ground dried pepper
  • a pinch of garlic powder
  • oregano by preference (I did not put)

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Nests with cream cheese and turkey sausages:

First of all, we prepare the oven tray, which we cover with baking paper. Separately, we prepare the puff pastry, which we spread a little so that it is not so thick. As you can see in the pictures, I chopped all the ingredients in turn, added the spices, cream cheese, yogurt, and mixed well. I spread the puff pastry sheet well with ketchup and I spread the composition evenly over the whole sheet, I twisted it nicely and I cut the puff pastry filled in the shape of nests, which I placed on the tray, I put them in the hot oven at 170 degrees 30 min.

Sweets of all kinds

If last year I did tort Amandina, this year I changed the model, but I did not deviate too much from the rule: chocolate as much as possible. :)) A combination of chocolate and delicious and flowing caramel. The look is not exactly the one I wanted, some white hairs came out until I reached the end :)) but in the end the taste compensated. )

6 eggs
6 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons oil
6 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons starch
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 sachets of vanilla sugar

Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then add the sugar and mix until they become shiny, like meringue. Beat the yolks in the oil until they become like a cream, then pour over the egg white foam. Add vanilla sugar and flour mixed with baking powder and starch. Mix well by mixing gently with a spatula.

Pour the composition into a tray (24 cm in diameter) lined with baking paper and bake until lightly browned on top. The toothpick is tested.

150 g sugar
200 ml whipped cream
50 g butter

The sugar is caramelized. Leave it on the fire until it becomes liquid and acquires the color of amber. Set aside or turn the heat very low and pour the whipping cream. Watch out for the steam that forms. Put the pot on the fire again and boil until the caramel melts and the composition thickens slightly. Add the butter and mix well. Let it cool a bit, during which time we must resist the temptation to put our fingers in the caramel. :))) After it has cooled, put the blender vertically and mix well, then leave to cool.

200 g dark chocolate
250 ml whipped cream
2 tablespoons brandy

Melt the broken chocolate pieces over low heat together with the whipped cream. Bring to the boil, mix well and leave to cool. After it has cooled, add the brandy, mix well and refrigerate for at least 1 hour, until the cream cools and hardens. Put the mixer in the cream and mix until the cream becomes fluffy.

50 g sugar
2 tablespoons brandy

Boil the sugar and water for a few minutes. Set aside and leave to cool. When it is cold, add the brandy.

100 g dark chocolate
50 ml whipped cream
50 g butter

Melt the chocolate over low heat with sour cream and butter. Homogenize and leave to cool.

Cut the baked and cooled top into 3.

Put the first top on a plate, syrup and cover with half the cream. Put a layer of caramel on top of the chocolate cream layer, as much as we consider appropriate.

Do not put too much, it is quite soft and will flow from the countertops. Put what is left in a jar and store in the refrigerator for other cake recipes.

Cover with the second syrupy top, the rest of the cream, another layer of caramel and the third syrupy top. Refrigerate for a few hours. I kept him overnight.

250-300 ml liquid cream
1 tbsp ness

150 g walnuts
50 g dark chocolate

  • The mixture is mixed in whipped cream, then mixed until it hardens.
  • Grate the chocolate with a vegetable cleaner.
  • Walnuts and chocolate kept in the freezer for a few minutes are put on the robot and ground together.

I promise to come back tomorrow with the section. I kept a slice especially for you. :))

Catalin Crisan diet

Hi girls,
I join you, I will start this diet tomorrow. I also made my own menu:

Breakfast - 8AM:
-1 or boiled
-2 sausages

Mass: - 11AM
-1/2 chicken breast
-2 slices of weak cow's cheese

Lunch - 1AM
-1/2 chicken breast
-2 slices of weak cow's cheese

China: 7PM
- omelette with 2 egg whites + weak hernia

# 83 Lia.R

# 84 raluka

March 2006 102/83/98/112
December 97/76/86/103

# 85 andrada

and I. I'm starting again today. liana to know that raluka is right. it's bad how you do it. so the cheese does not mix in any way with the meat. this is true of any diet and not just that. it is best to dissociate on the tables. otherwise you will suffer in vain

9 - cheese 100 gr
11.30 - boiled turkey
14 - turkey in the oven
16.30 - or boiled
19 - turkey in the oven

I will try to avoid sausages as much as possible

green tea with lemon - 1 liter
flat water - 2 liters

stepper - 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening
abdomen - 50 days from the beginning. if you hold me

walking today. Unfortunately I can not. It's raining

# 86 Liana P 29968

I understood what you told me, I'm glad I posted my menu as otherwise I was doing it for nothing.

In the morning I had 2 sausages

Intermediate meal: cheese (I will take care not to exceed 100g)

But I have a question: if I continue in this style, with almost no carbohydrates, how can I function normally at work? or at the gym? Especially at the gym, I think that after 3 days my dizziness will start.
That's how I suffered with Atkins, where you were not allowed more than 20 g of carbohydrates / day.

I will try to take vitamins and resist as long as I can.

I kiss you and thank you very much for your advice & # 33

# 87 andrada

Well. don't overdo it with the gym. no one forces you to do exhausting exercises. and take vitamins if you can't
and I will take. of the effervescent ones

and you saw in the diet. exercise equivalent to 5 km per day. catalin crisan said he only did 15 minutes of stepper a day. so you don't need something exaggerated
you better opt for sauna or slimming massage. would be a variant
I also plan to do a sauna day and a massage day a week

# 88 andrada

yesterday's balance sheet. good man I say. I am referring to the observance of the program
I ate as I intended, I drank a liter of green tea with lemon, 4 liters of water .. I don't know how I managed either. I actually know. I stepped for an hour and drank while I did it. but I didn't have time to do it
on the stepper I climbed wrapped in food foil. I put it around my legs and abdomen after first applying anti-cellulite cream. what else I sweated and after I finished the stepper class I packed with mud. 50 min. then a shower that went to my heart
although I set out to weigh myself weekly. I couldn't resist. in the morning on an empty stomach. in the same conditions in which I weighed myself yesterday. the scale needle shows. 60.5 kg, ie 2 kg, left me. I feel good. I have no dizziness. I didn't take vitamins and I didn't get constipated because I took something else because I can't find Romanian medicines here. some pineapple capsules..indicated by a doctor

for today I have so. considering that tonight I'm going to a party from which I'll be back around 4 in the morning

9.30 - cheese
12.30 - over
15.30 - or
18.30 - over
21.30 - some meat so I won't be tempted to eat something at the party

water as much as I can. and I hope it's especially that I'm going to dance
green tea 1 liter. also with lemon

stepper - 1 hour
of the abdomen I say nothing more. I'll tell you tomorrow if I made room for them in the program

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