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Omelet stuffed in corn crust

Omelet stuffed in corn crust

We clean the peppers of stalks and seeds, wash them and cut them into cubes, then bake them in the non-stick pan until soft.

Put 1 teaspoon of oil in a small non-stick pan, then 1 teaspoon of grated cornstarch and let the cornstarch lightly fry for a few seconds.

Pour 1 beaten egg over the golden corn, place the pieces of baked pepper and chopped greens, let the omelette coagulate over low heat.

Sprinkle grated cheese + salt and pepper to taste, then wrap the omelet in half, take it out on the plate and move on to the next preparation.

Good appetite!

Omelet recipes

Seven recipes for omelets. Omelet recipes inspired by the cookbook signed by Sanda Marin. Easy-to-prepare omelet recipes. In this article we present the most popular filling recipes. Starting from the basic omelet recipe. Continuing with the recipes for the green omelette, the mushroom omelette, the potato omelette and the economical omelette. Of course, all these preparations are made from eggs.

Omelette recipes presented by the Ladies' Blog. Eggs are eaten mainly for breakfast, but are also used in the preparation of several recipes. These foods are rich in vitamins, proteins and fats.