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Best Barefoot Contessa Recipes

Best Barefoot Contessa Recipes

Top Rated Barefoot Contessa Recipes

This recipe is inspired by a cranberry pie from Sarah Chase’s book Cold Weather Cooking. My friend Barbara Liberman calls it “easy cake”—I call it delicious. It’s even better served warm with vanilla ice cream.Adapted from the "Barefoot Contessa How Easy is That?" by Ina Garten.

Why do we only serve turkey on Thanksgiving? A whole turkey breast roasted with fresh rosemary, sage, and thyme is a great weeknight dinner and the leftovers make delicious sandwiches the next day. Roasting the turkey at 325 degrees and allowing it to rest for fifteen minutes ensures that it will be very moist. Adapted from "Barefoot Contessa How Easy is That?" by Ina Garten.For this recipe and more, click here for 25 ways to cook a turkey.

Modern Comfort Food

There are few things more comforting than gathering for a meal with the ones you love, especially when dishes like Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas are at the center of the table. Old-fashioned crowd pleasers like Roasted Sausages, Peppers, and Onions are even more delicious and streamlined for quick cleanup. For dessert? You’ll find the best Boston Cream Pie, Banana Rum Trifle, and Black and White Cookies you’ll ever make. Home cooks can always count on Ina’s dependable, easy-to-follow instructions, with lots of side notes for cooking and entertaining–it’s like having Ina right there beside you, helping you all the way.

From cocktails to dessert, from special weekend breakfasts to quick weeknight dinners, you’ll find yourself making these cozy and delicious recipes over and over again.

Peanut Butter Cheesecake

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Our Top 10 Favorite Ina Garten Soup Recipes

Name something better than a one-pot meal, that feeds a crowd, warms your soul, requires minimal dish washing, and just so happens to have been prepared by Ina Garten. I’ll wait. You can’t think of anything? Me neither! This is why we put our heads together with Ina’s biggest fan (Trent Pheifer from @StoreBoughtIsFine) and whipped up a list of our favorite soup recipes from the master herself.

Here’s what Trent has to say about Ina’s soups:

“Ina has nearly 50 soup recipes, I’ve made all but six, and there are few if any misses. She’s known for her perfect roast chicken, but she also makes a pretty mean and soul-satisfying soup. Her varied options are perfect for any season or occasion, whether it’s her refreshing summertime gazpacho or her hearty minestrone to keep you warm in the depths of winter.”

And now, without further ado, the top-ten best cozy, soul-warming, tastebud-delighting soups from the Ina archives.

Ina loves to serve a soup as a first course, (bonus points if you make it ahead). She loads this creamy mushroom soup with lots of vegetables, diced pancetta, a scoop of créme fraîche, and a glug of Marsala wine to finish it off. It’s best served with a slice of crusty bread.

Keep this recipe from Barefoot Contessa At Home in your back pocket at all times. Topped with avocado, sour cream, shredded cheese, and crispy tortilla strips, this soup brings the heat.

I know we say that a lot of Ina recipes are ingenious around here (and they are!), but this tomato and eggplant soup recipe is actually ingenious. Ina makes a big batch of this soup to enjoy one day, and then uses the leftovers as the sauce for her Baked Pasta with Tomatoes and Eggplant. She calls it a two-fer!

As Ina would say, this is classic French onion soup “with the volume turned up!” Please sign us up for a bowl of this topped with bubbly Gruyère (obvi) and toasted sourdough. According to Trent, “this soup is even better the second day!”

Somehow only Ina can make something as simple as grilled cheese with tomato soup look and taste utterly gourmet. Not only will your kids love it, but so will you.

Punxsutawney Phil might have predicted an early spring this year, but we’re okay with a long winter if it means we can eat Ina’s winter minestrone on repeat. “It warms my entire body. This soup is my happy place,” Trent says.

When we’re craving the flavors of fall (and have a giant butternut squash we don’t know what to do with), a go-to is a big bowl of this hearty, puréed soup. Trent has opinions about this one: “Trust Ina and get a food mill when it comes to purée. It provides the perfect texture so you don’t feel like you’re eating watery baby food.”

Scoff as you may at Ina’s use of the word “easy,” but she’s not wrong, especially when it comes to gazpacho. This chilled soup with tomatoes, scallions, cucumber, onion and garlic comes together in the food processor. Toasty croutons spread with goat cheese (or in @StoreBoughtIsFine‘s case, Parmesan) are highly recommended. This was one of the first Ina soups that Trent ever made. “It’s still a summer favorite especially when it’s too hot to turn on the oven. It also satisfies my life-long desire to drink salsa straight from the bowl,” he says.

Mark our words, this is all you’re ever going to want to eat on sick days from now on (and also all other days). If you’ve never made matzo balls from scratch before, Ina will walk you through the process and have you feeling like a pro. According to Trent, don’t skip out on making homemade stock. “For most of Ina’s recipes, you can swap in store-bought chicken stock, but the exceptions are her soups where broth is the star. If you don’t want to use three whole chickens (or don’t have a cauldron to accommodate said chickens, the recipe can easily be cut by two thirds.”

To make this cheddar corn chowder even more decadent, garnish it with crispy bacon bits. You will thank Ina later.

Ina Garten Has a Snow Day & These Are Some of the Cozy Recipes She Might Be Making

There’s a big snow storm hovering over the Northeast today, and kids and adults alike are reveling in the coziness of a wintry snow day. Even our favorite celebs, like Ina Garten, are marveling at the winter wonderland and trying to stay cozy and warm at home. We love to tackle a nice comfort food cooking project when it’s cold outside and we have nowhere to go, so we started wondering &ndash if we were Ina Garten, trapped in our beautiful Hamptons home during a snow storm, what would we make? These are just a few of the best Barefoot Contessa recipes for snow day cooking, from Modern Comfort Food and beyond.

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Place the brisket in a heavy roasting pan. In a small bowl, combine the salt, pepper, garlic and oregano.

Rub the mixture on the brisket. Pile the carrots, celery, onions and bay leaves on the brisket and pour in enough tomato juice to come about three quarters of the way up the meat and vegetables. Cover the stew completely with parchment paper, then with the aluminum foil (the tomato juice will react unpleasantly with the aluminum foil if they touch.)

Bake for 3½ hours, or until the meat is tender. Remove the meat from the pan and keep it warm. Place the pan on 2 burners and boil the vegetables and sauce over medium heat for another 30 minutes, or until the sauce is thickened.

To serve, slice the meat across the grain. Serve with the vegetables.

Reprinted from Barefoot Contessa Parties!: Ideas and Recipes for Easy Parties That Are Really Fun. Copyright © 2001 by Ina Garten. Photographs copyright © 2001 by James Merrell. Published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random House, LLC.

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Our Favorite Ina Garten Chicken Recipe of All Time

Whether it&aposs fried and served after church on Sunday or baked into a creamy casserole on busy weeknights, chicken is a fixture in many traditional dishes that comprise the South&aposs recipe canon. One basic dish that Southerners should have in their repertoire is a classic roasted chicken.

Leave it to the beloved Barefoot Contessa to create one of our favorite chicken recipes of all time: Perfect Roast Chicken. There&aposs something particularly comforting about sitting down to a dinner of classic roasted chicken𠅊nd it&aposs made all the more comforting knowing that this no-fail recipe is Ina Garten approved. It&aposs a versatile dish that feeds a crowd and can be served with sides like fresh vegetables, seasoned potatoes, or creamy mac and cheese. Any leftovers can be shredded into chicken salad and packed in your lunch box for the next day.

Ina&aposs Perfect Roast Chicken is a recipe we&aposre adding to our weeknight rotation. It&aposs easy and accessible enough for even beginner-level cooks to perfect. Many of the required ingredients are pantry staples, and the only tools you&aposll need are kitchen twine and a roasting pan. The chicken requires a good bit of time in the oven (1 hour to 1 hour, 30 minutes), but you can set a timer and prepare the rest of the meal in the meantime. But the result—tender, juicy meat with a crisp skin—is totally worth the wait.

A fun fact about the Barefoot Contessa&aposs Perfect Roasted Chicken? It&aposs rumored that Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle while they were preparing this dish. "Engagement chicken," as it has been nicknamed, is one of Markle&aposs favorite recipes, and she&aposs even brought it to dinner parties in the past.

WATCH: Ina Garten Reveals the Only Fast Food She&aposll Eat

Even Southerners can treat family and friends to a royal-worthy dinner of roasted chicken, so delicious you&aposll want to make it again and again.

Ina Garten Shared Emily Blunt's Roasted Potato Recipe &mdash and It Crashed her Website

Ina Garten has been serving up all the best recipes while everyone has been social distancing, but this potato dish literally broke the internet.

On Wednesday, Ina Garten shared Emily Blunt&aposs English Roasted Potatoes recipe and her fans went wild for it. The potatoes garnered so much attention and traffic to the Barefoot Contessa website that it crashed.

Fans were quick to let Garten know of the issue, and she responded to one of the comments saying, "So sorry!! So many people wanted the recipe that the site crashed. We&aposre fixing it now. Try again soon. They&aposre worth it!! Xxxx."

Garten mentioned that Blunt&aposs recipe is a sneak peek of what will be in her new cookbook Modern Comfort Food, which she announced is being released earlier than planned because honestly, we need it ASAP.

Blunt originally shared her family&aposs recipe with Garten in 2018 on an episode of Barefoot Contessa. "This is like a staple in the Blunt household," the actress told Garten as the prepared the dish together.

Just a few steps really set this four-ingredient recipe apart from others. After the boiled potatoes are drained they are returned to the pot and shaken for a few moments. Blunt calls this "the workout part." It roughens up the potato edges giving them a nice, subtle crunch.

Blunt revealed that though the recipe has been in her family for ages, she added an extra step that makes them even better. Once she shakes the potatoes, she transfers them to a baking rack over a sheet pan to let them dry for about 15 minutes.

"You put them on the wire rack and you get all the moisture out of them and then it just forms such a fantastic crust on the outside," said Blunt. Once the potatoes are dry, they&aposre put in a little vegetable oil and baked until golden and crispy for about 45 minutes.

While you patiently wait for Garten&aposs new cookbook, this dish is sure to hold you over until October. Get the full recipe on her website (while it&aposs back up running).

10 Tips from Ina Garten That Improved the Quality of My Life

I now refuse to cut corn kernels off the cob without a kitchen towel.

My apartment shelves are decorated with an inappropriate number of cookbooks, but I find myself regularly using just a few of them. One author whose recipes I turn to on a near-daily basis, for both spiritual comfort and cooking inspiration, is Ina Garten.

In addition to her rigorously tested recipes that span all skill and energy levels, I cherish the nuggets of wisdom that Garten has shared with the world over the years—on her show The Barefoot Contessa, on her perfect Instagram, and in her books. Once, I was lucky enough to receive a tip from Garten herself at an event in New York City, and that tip was: freeze your bread in chunks. (More on that in a bit.)

So, to spread the wealth, here are some of the greatest tips I&aposve learned from Garten over the course of my cooking, eating, and drinking journey.

1. Freeze your bread in chunks

At a breakfast event in New York, Garten shared her secret for freezing bread, something I&aposd never really pulled off successfully (the loaf would always be ravaged by freezer burn or develop a strange texture). To maintain the bread&aposs flavor and structural integrity, she told me that she freezes it in chunks! She said she cuts her loaves into giant wedges and wraps them tightly before putting them in the freezer, leaving her with the perfect portion to warm up later.

2. Speaking of freezers, fill yours with chicken broth

Garten keeps her freezer packed with essentials (there&aposs always vodka in there, for example), but there&aposs one item in particular that I now fill my freezer with religiously: chicken stock. When Garten told us she keeps stocks in her freezer, it changed everything for me. I&aposm only ever cooking for one, so I would always be opening cans or boxes of stock that I couldn&apost finish before needing to chuck it. Same goes for when I took the time to make a beautiful stock and couldn&apost use it all up fast enough. I love having homemade stock in my freezer for quick pan-sauces. I&aposve found there&aposs no better feeling than avoiding opening a whole can of stock when you only need a splash.

3. Use a kitchen towel when cutting corn on the cob

For years I resented corn for what it did to my kitchen: whenever I tried to cut it, kernels would bounce off the cutting board and into every single crevice, hiding on the floor for days and sometimes weeks. But Garten&aposs hack for cutting corn has single-handedly repaired my relationship with the vegetable. "If you put a kitchen towel on the cutting board and cut it into the kitchen towel, it doesn’t bounce all over the kitchen," she told us in a 2019 interview. I have never looked back.

4. Make two cakes at one time

If you&aposre going through all the trouble to make a cake, why not make two and freeze one of them, or give the extra to a friend who could use a little extra love? Garten says she always doubles her country cake with strawberries and whipped cream recipe so she can save the second for another time, and I have adopted that practice.

5. Memorize the proportions to this vinaigrette

While I&aposm very much a fan of dressing salad the cool and casual way𠅍ousing the greens in various items and tasting leaves to see if I need to add more fat, acid, or seasoning—I also appreciated when Garten dropped her 4-ingredient vinaigrette on her Instagram a while back. It&aposs so simple that two of those ingredients are salt and pepper. I have since memorized the olive oil to lemon ratio that she shared: 1/2 cup of oil to 1/4 cup of lemon juice (plus one teaspoon kosher salt and half a teaspoon black pepper).

I feel like a square measuring the ingredients out, but they really are the perfect proportions. And I&aposve found the vinaigrette itself makes a great base for all sorts of add-ons, including herbs, finely diced shallots, and/or a dollop of mustard.

6. 'Don&rsquot make something you&rsquove never made before for company'

Not that I&aposll be hosting company anytime soon, but in the Before Times, anytime I had people over for dinner, I&aposd make several dishes I&aposd never tried before, in a desperate bid to be impressive. Rather than needlessly add stress and high stakes to a leisure event, I now make the classics I&aposve loved forever, which end up being more impressive anyway.

"Part of being a pro is making something over and over again until you feel confident that you can make it well," Garten told Food & Wine in 2019. "Inevitably, the ingredients are different, the oven temperature is off, the chicken you got isn’t the right size. Things happen. The more you make recipes over and over, the more confident you are."

7. Listen to Shania Twain while cooking

You simply must try it. My food has improved so much since Garten dropped her Shania-filled cooking playlist, which I now regularly blast while making dinner.

8. And memorize these giant Cosmopolitan proportions while you're at it

A photo of Garten drinking out of a giant Martini glass went viral recently after she demo&aposd how to make Cosmopolitans on her Instagram. To start, she grabs a massive pitcher. “I like to make a lot of Cosmos,” she says. “You never know who’s going to stop by. Wait a minute—nobody’s stopping by.”

Having made her informal recipe at home, I can confirm that the proportions are golden, whether or not you choose to drink it all in one sitting (please don&apost). It&aposs two cups of good vodka, one cup of Cointreau or triple sec (any kind of orange liqueur), one cup of cranberry juice cocktail, and a half cup of freshly squeezed lime juice. Then you shake in a very, very large cocktail shaker with a ton of ice and strain into the aforementioned Martini glass, big or small.

9. Always get the smallest chicken

This fact may seem obvious to many, but for a good portion of my life it was not obvious to me that the smaller the chicken, the more flavorful the meat (at least 9 times out of 10.) I had been poisoned by the American "more is more" mentality, but since hearing Garten advise that birds more than 5 lbs. don&apost roast as easily, I started always picking the smallest, and I&aposve never looked back. (To be fair, I&aposm never feeding large crowds, and I know this is a privilege.)

10. Store-bought is fine

"You don&apost have to do everything from scratch," Garten once said. "Nobody wants to make puff pastry!" It&aposs true. I do not want to make puff pastry. And giving myself the grace to take shortcuts when it makes sense (puff pastry) has been an enormously valuable practice on my cooking journey.

In those first few months of the pandemic, it was hard not to get swept up in how other people were spending their time in the kitchen. It seemed like everyone was whipping up tiny pancakes and baking fresh bread.

But Garten showed me that cooking from scratch doesn't have to be complicated. A homemade pasta sauce can take less than two minutes. You can amp up fish with just a few ingredients. And a little seasoning goes a long way with fresh veggies.

It was the confidence boost I needed as I began to realize just how much time I'd be spending in the kitchen this year. And, since then, I've experimented with even more of Garten's many pasta dishes.

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