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The Beauty of Boxed Invitations

The Beauty of Boxed Invitations

Invite your guests to your bash with a sweet package

Send your invites in style with these chic boxes!

In today’s fast-paced electronic world, invitations arrive in many ways. Everything from email to snail mail, evites, text messages, Facebook, or Paperless Post invites are socially acceptable these days.

The art and beauty of an elegant invitation, formally worded and beautifully hand-calligraphed, has gone by the wayside.

Remember that wonderful feeling you got as a child when a package arrived in the mail?

The excitement and anticipation felt while you hurried to pry the box open?

Invitations that arrive in a box evoke the same excitement, and they set the stage as guests anticipate that the party will be unique and filled with surprises; they catch the invitee’s attention.

And it is even better when the package is filled with something sweet.

The Beauty of Boxed Invitations - Recipes

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There's something about the eye area: When it looks more awake, *you *look way more awake. But instead of dropping a few hundos on the top-of-the-line eye cream, whip up your own instead. Essential oils and vitamin E up the moisture quotient beeswax keeps it all together. Get the recipe.

A personal favorite, makeup setting spray is the equivalent of a small god in my book: It keeps everything perfectly in place, so there's nary a drip of foundation or a smudge of eyeliner in sight. The witch hazel base adds astringtent properties to make everything antibacterial, too. Recipe here.

200+ DIY Beauty Recipes: The Ultimate List

DIY beauty products are a huge trend right now — but the truth is most of us don’t do it because it’s trendy.

You do it to save some moolah. Or to avoid the toxins in commercial beauty products. Or just because you love to create interesting messes in your kitchen.

Whatever inspires you do go DIY with your beauty routine, it all boils down to one thing: recipes.

We can’t make awesome DIY beauty products without recipes, right? You don’t really want to wing this stuff.

Otherwise, all those kitchen catastrophes will be for naught when your homemade blush turns out to be a flop. Trust those who have gone before you, and let them handle the trial and error part.

Of course, recipe searching can take all day, so we’ve got you covered.

We’ve searched high and low for the most awesome DIY beauty recipes so you don’t have to.

That way, you can save all that time searching and spend it on creating your own awesome DIY beauty products instead. Enjoy!

There&rsquos No Shame in Using a Boxed Cake Mix&mdashand Here's Why

There&aposs no shame in using a boxed cake mix. There. We said it.

Was that an audible gasp? Surely no one fainted? Now, before you start fanning yourself and bringing out the smelling salts, hear us out. Boxed cake mix is pure convenience. Buying a boxed cake mix at the store is an investment in your future self. It&aposs patting future you on the back and saying, "You deserve a break."

Boxed cake mix has a special place in our hearts…right beside that other special place in our hearts that is reserved for cakes made from scratch. Some of our all-time favorite recipes start with boxed cake mix. Don&apost believe us? Try Cupcakes with Browned Butter Frosting, Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cake, Brown Sugar-Cinnamon Pound Cake, and Chocolate-Butterscotch Lava Cake, for starters. Each of those delicious recipes starts with a box of mix from the store.

Why do we love boxed cake mix so? Reason one is that it&aposs timesaving. Pure convenience, remember? When you can cut down on prep time (including mixing and sifting all those dry ingredients), you&aposre already so much closer to enjoying a slice of freshly baked cake. While boxed cake mix is not the be all and end all of baking, it is a reliable shortcut, and we all need a kitchen shortcut on occasion. It&aposs so easy to dress up a boxed cake mix or use said mix as the foundation for a fancier cake (or cupcake!).

Reason two is scale. If you want to make lots of cakes, whether for a bake sale, a church social, a friend in need, or a series of holiday meals, you need to make the most of your time. You want the most bang for your buck as well as the best result from the time you&aposve spent in the kitchen. By using a boxed cake mix, you can have both quality and quantity in one fell swoop. You can have your cake and eat it too.

That&aposs not to say we don&apost also love a cake made from scratch. (Because we do. We really do.) Just thinking about Lemon-Orange Chiffon Cake, Hummingbird Cake, and Strawberry Dream Cake has our mouths watering.

WATCH: Strawberries and Cream Sheet Cake

Do you use boxed cake mix, or are you from-scratch all the way? With all this talk of cakes, if you can&apost find us for the next few hours, be sure to check the kitchen.

10 Recipes Every Ina Garten Fan Should Master

Whether she’s using fresh herbs from her garden or assembling a beautiful platter for friends, you can bet that Ina Garten has a plan for elevating everyday dishes into craveable traditions. You’ve likely watched as she welcomes fans into her Hamptons home, and been encouraged by her saying “How easy is that?” as she made dishes on Barefoot Contessa. She’s sure to focus on the classics and emphasize using quality ingredients. We’ve rounded up Ina’s best-ever, most-tried-and-true dishes, those sweet and savory favorites that Ina fans should keep in their back pockets for any occasion. Keep reading to get the ultimate collection of Ina’s hit recipes.

Photo by: Tara Donne ©Tara Donne

1. Perfect Roast Chicken: For Ina, roasting a whole chicken requires two key steps: stuffing and seasoning (pictured above). Thyme, lemon and garlic flavor the bird from the inside, while butter, salt and pepper season the skin until golden and crisp. Ina roasts carrots, onion and fennel alongside the chicken for a delicious trio of veggies and a colorful meal.

Secrets To Elevate Boxed Mixes: Fool Your Guests Into Thinking You Baked From Scratch

In this piece, I’m about to share my favorite time saving baking technique: using store-bought boxed mixes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total advocate for making muffins, bread, and desserts from scratch. Heck, I’m even publishing an entire cookbook to help you become a flexible baking master (you can pre-order your copy here!).

A lot of us are pressed for time.

We juggle demanding jobs, families, and overwhelming responsibility. And many of us are lucky if we just get a few moments to ourselves at the end of the day. So who has time to always create a delicious dish from scratch? Some days call for a cheat. In the video below, I share my secrets to elevating store-bought boxed mixes. A few simple upgrades can make them taste like homemade creations!

Some Of My Favorite Elevations

Spices and Flavorings

Give your muffin or pancake mix an extra kick by adding a teaspoon or two of your favorite powdered spice. Some of my go-to additions are cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, and allspice. But have some fun and figure out what works best with your mix. Here are some combinations to try:

  • Banana muffins with cinnamon, ground ginger, and nutmeg
  • Vanilla cake with cinnamon and vanilla
  • Pumpkin muffins with pumpkin pie spice

Sneaky Healthy Additions

In an attempt to make my baked goods slightly more nutritious, I sneak in some hemp seeds, flax meal, or chia seeds. Hemp seeds and flax meal will give you a slightly nutty flavor, and chia seeds are flavorless. A quick note: Chia seeds absorb a lot of liquid. So if you add them to your boxed mix then you may need to splash in a little more liquid.

Chopped walnuts, pecans, and almonds and a fun addition that give your baked goods more taste, texture, and good-for-you fats.

Colorful Sweets

Add a handful of chocolate chips or a chopped up chocolate bar to your brownies to enhance their gooey-ness, chewiness, and chocolaty-ness. Another fun trick is to add rainbow sprinkles to your white or yellow cake batter. Once you slice into the cake, you’ll love seeing all of the pretty colors come through. Or, sprinkle M&Ms right before baking your cupcake or cake batter (the die will run and turn the batter a brown color if you mix them in earlier).

Diced Fruit

Take your cake and muffin mixes to the next level by adding some sweet fruit. Try blueberries, peaches, strawberries, cooked apples or pears. But use whatever you have on hand or is in season.

Vanilla Extract

I add vanilla to almost every boxed mix. Sort of like salt, vanilla extract adds flavor and enhances your other ingredients.

Coconut Or Almond Milk

One of my favorite ways to jazz up boxed mixes? Never add water! Instead, swap out the recommended amount of water for coconut, almond, or soy milk. This will give your cake a much richer taste and texture.

Banana or Pumpkin Purée

If you’re looking to create a denser baked good (vs. a light and fluffy treat) then add either one mashed banana or a little pumpkin purée. You could also try carrot or sweet potato puree.

Swap Out The Oil

Boxed mixes will often call for vegetable or corn oil. Rather than using a hydrogenated and not-so-great-for-you oil, swap it out for something like coconut or grapeseed oil. Coconut oil will give your baked goods a slight coconut flavor, so if you aren’t a fan of coconut then try grapeseed.

Healthier Boxed Mix Brands

  • Simple Mills
  • KingArthur
  • Bob’s Red Mill
  • Miss Jones
  • FoodStirs
  • Arrowhead Mills

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Nealy is the founder and director of The Flexible Chef. She inspires people to eat and to live well, and ultimately to crave a healthy lifestyle. Nealy has been a leader in the wellness industry for two decades and has founded projects including luxury yoga retreats, cooking programs, and women’s empowerment courses around the world.

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The recipes, articles, tips, and recommendations on this site are coming straight from my own life to yours. I promise to deliver inspiring advice with integrity, and, more importantly, a great deal of love.

Don't forget to check out my cookbook FOOD YOU WANT For The Life You Crave, where I dish up my flexible method (and a way of cooking) that helps make each day less harried and more enjoyable!

This Beauty and the Beast-Inspired Dinner Party Will Enchant the Entire Family

Irene here, Brit + Co’s production assistant and resident Disney fanatic. In my opinion, there’s nothing more classic than Beauty and the Beast. This film is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and it’s crazy how it truly is a tale as old as time, as Mrs. Potts would say. I happen to be a child of the ‘90s who grew up watching Disney movies, so I’m a little biased, but it’s hard to find a kid (or an adult!) who doesn’t love that movie. The scene where Belle and Beast are dancing in the ballroom always tears me up. I mean, that happy glint in Beast’s eyes when Belle rests her head on his chest when they dance? Come on! Plus, I’m pretty sure the “Be Our Guest” song and dance number made me want to learn French. Bonjour!

Croque Monsieur Roll-Ups

If you don’t know what a croque monsieur is, prepare to be amazed. It’s a French ham and cheese open-faced sandwich, and it’s delicious. This recipe is a spin-off of this classic French dish and is super kid-friendly to make and eat!

11 Party-in-a-Box Gift Ideas to Send for Your Bestie’s 30th Birthday

There’s nothing better than getting surprise snail mail — it’s basically like getting a birthday present you weren’t expecting (even if you kinda sorta were). That little notice you get in your mailbox that you have a package in the mail room? Living for it. Let your bestie get that same feeling by sending her a surprise birthday box to open at her 30th birthday party. Opening up a gift with a few of her favorite things (and little confetti) will totally make her day. Check out a few of the boxes below that anyone would be excited to receive.

DIY Beauty Box

Girly girls *love* their nail polish and lip glosses. Pick out your faves and pop them in a mini box to send off. Use a little crinkle confetti and a balloon or two to add the finishing touches. It doesn’t get any cuter (and girlier!) than that. (via A Bubbly Life)

2. Little Box of Gifts ($35): If you’re running low on time, pick up this box option. It has a little bit of everything, from hair ties to a fun notepad to dress up her desk. Oh, and don’t forget about the candles — it is her birthday, after all.

DIY Chocolate-Themed Surprise

You can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. Sweets are necessary for any special day. Opt for this modern version that includes an adorable printable, balloons and chocolate-covered fruits. (via Confetti Sunshine)

DIY Letter-Shaped Boxes

*This* is what you should make this weekend. Create letter-shaped boxes out of cardboard and a little hot glue. The best part? She can totally reuse these after she opens them. (via Studio DIY)

DIY Champagne Box

Everyone has that one friend who just loves a little bubbly. Put together a box filled with all things preppy, like a nail polish and a few macarons. Then, finish it off with a mini bottle of her favorite champs. (via Style Me Pretty)

DIY Cupcake Decorating Box

Yummy cupcakes are totally in store for any 30th birthday. If your bestie loves to bake, send her the cutest cupcake skirts around, a pack of sprinkles and a couple little extras. Top off the box with a party hat, because everyone needs one on their b-day. (via Bright + Bold)

DIY Happy Birthday Banner + Confetti Box

What do you get the girl that has everything? Instead of getting your BFF something she’ll never use, go for something more creative like this banner box. The best part is that she can hang it at her b-day bash too… and tell everyone that her bestie DIYed it! (via Like the Cheese)

For the Waffle Enthusiast

There are few things in life that are better than having a waffle party. Put together this box that’s chock full of waffle-making essentials. Pro tip: Include a note that tells her to have her beau serve her breakfast in bed using the ingredients ) (via He and I)

DIY Matchbox

Upcycle an old matchbook and add knick knacks that remind you of your friend. A candle and confetti are obvious necessities, but dressing up the matchbox to look like this one will make the presentation that much better. (via Art and Chic)

DIY Pom Pom + Confetti Box

TBH, it sucks when you can’t spend your friend’s birthday with her, but adding a pic of you throwing confetti to celebrate makes it a little better. Finish off the box with a few decorations and a FaceTime date ticket to wish her a happy birthday. (via Sugar Lander)

DIY Happy Birthday Banner Box

This option is perfect if you want something that’s a little more low-key. Queue up your fave Netflix show and make this banner to send in the mail. It’s not only *so* fun to make (and open!), but it’s also super easy on the wallet since you can make it with supplies you already have in your craft room. (via Oh Happy Day)


Remember when everyone was obsessed with Dalgona coffee at the beginning of quarantine? Barbra Streisand had the right idea long before you'd ever heard of whipped coffee. Her ice cream recipe also relies on instant coffee's goodness, and you don't need an ice cream maker. This recipe will take longer than some of the others on this list, but it's way easier than churning ice cream by hand.

Watch the video: Spritzen für die Schönheit. Unter deutschen Dächern. Folge 4 (January 2022).