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Mamaliguta with rustic sauce

Mamaliguta with rustic sauce

I washed the quinces well and he first boiled them in salted water. Then I washed, cleaned and chopped the vegetables, I put the carrot on a grater and the garlic cloves and the rest with a small knife. Then I put them in the oven. in a little oil and after 5 minutes I added the tomato paste with peppers. Then I added a little juice from the pan where the stalks were boiling and let it simmer for a while. .

Then I added a little oil over the quinces when the water dropped enough to brown a little. Then I added them with the sauce and left a little on the fire to mix the flavors.

I prepared the polenta in the classic style, respectively I boiled water with salt and when it boiled I added the malai in the rain, stirring constantly. add the oil and mix more. Put as much corn as you want to make the vartoasa, I put about 1/3 of the bag that I made only for us 2.

Serve the polenta with the sauce in the middle and the chicken breast pampering on top. Great appetite!

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