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Stuffed turkey breast

Stuffed turkey breast

The liver, heart, pipota are boiled in salted water. After they are cooked well, they are finely chopped with a mincer or a knife. The mushrooms are cleaned, finely chopped and fried with finely chopped onions.

The bread is soaked in water, then drained well and mixed with mushrooms and entrails. Boil three eggs hard, then finely chop and add to the composition. One egg is put raw to bind the composition. season with salt and pepper. Add the finely chopped greens then mix everything well until smooth. The turkey breast grows long, making a pocket along its entire length.

Fill with the above filling, season with salt and pepper and put in the oven with a little oil and water. Grease from time to time with the sauce from the pan. When it is nicely browned and the fork enters the chest easily, take out of the oven. If it is served as an appetizer, it is left to cool then it is sliced. If it is served as a main course, it is sliced ​​hot. It is served with a garnish of vegetables, rice or white wine sauce.

Turkey Breast Filled with Cheese

Peel carrots, onions and potatoes and cut into quarters.
The turkey breast is divided into two larger pieces. The two pieces are cut horizontally, after which they are stretched and beaten with a schnitzel hammer.

A large piece is formed, which is easily grown with the blade of a knife (without going to the other side of the meat) or with the opposite side of the schnitzel hammer. Season to taste with salt, vegeta, pepper and mosaic pepper.

Place the grated cheese mixed with the dill on the piece of seasoned turkey breast. The cheese is placed on both pieces of meat approximately the same, depending on the amount of meat.

After the pieces of meat have been filled with cheese, roll them easily and tie them with string, so that they do not come off during baking. When they are well bound, season on top and sprinkle lightly with soy sauce.

The stuffed turkey breast is placed in a tray, and next to it are placed the vegetables (carrots, potatoes and onions). Put the oil, water up to half the pieces of meat, a few peppercorns and thyme sprigs.

Place the tray in the oven on the right heat. When it starts to brown, turn the pieces of meat and sprinkle lightly with soy sauce. Sprinkle the vegetables with this sauce.
Caution: This sauce is slightly salty.

When the turkey breast is browned, lightly thread it down and grate a little cheese on top. Turn off the oven, then leave the turkey breast in the oven for a while, until the cheese melts a little.
The turkey breast is served cut into appropriate pieces with the vegetables in the pan.
Along with the turkey breast and vegetables, I served the gorgonzola sauce.
Good appetite.