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Budget Christmas dinner menu

Budget Christmas dinner menu

Looking to enjoy Christmas dinner on a budget? It can be done! Our budget Christmas dinner menu ideas will keep everyone's mouths watering but won't break the bank.

Top tips

Make it yourself
Yes, it might be more time consuming, but if you plan ahead, making your own Christmas goodies can actually be fun. Foods that you prepare yourself will almost always be cheaper than ready-prepared versions from the supermarket. This goes for everything from frozen canapes to mince pies!

Look for offers
Competition during the festive season means that if you do a bit of comparison shopping, you're likely to snag a deal. This means checking all of the usual supermarkets, but also looking at discount retailers local markets, too.

Prepare some punch
If you know your lot likes a good tipple, make a warming, spiced Christmas punch or mulled wine, which means you'll be using less alcohol than if you were serving cocktails. You can also get away with using cheaper wine than if you were pouring straight from the bottle (go on, no one will know!). Best of all, it won't come off as the least bit stingy, and everyone will love the smell of a spiced punch brewing as they come in from the cold!

Take inventory
Many of us have over-stocked cupboards with tins and boxes languishing in their unreachable depths. If this describes you, before you start anything, take stock of what you already have in your cupboard. That bar of cooking chocolate can be whipped into a basic but impressive chocolate mousse, and that tin of cannellini beans can be blended into a tasty party dip.

Put effort into the presentation
Taking that extra step to prettify your serving plates makes anything you're serving feel a little more grand. And no, we're not talking Masterchef! Simply a sprinkling of chopped fresh parsley, a drizzle of cream or a dusting of icing sugar where needed makes all the difference!

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